Democratic Party Betting Odds

With the election in full swing, online sportsbooks are hosting odds for the Democratic Party. These odds fluctuate throughout every debate, every primary and every major news event that affects politics. The polls also affect the odds as online sports bettors tend to associate how the polls look when they are placing their bets. You can be on the Democratic nominee for many elections. Whether it’s for the Governor seat, the House of Representatives, or the popular presidential elections, there are options available at online sportsbooks constantly.

For every election, the candidates will boil down to a Democratic or Republican option as independent parties never manage to garner enough votes. Online sportsbooks reflect this as well as they constantly hold democratic party betting odds. There is a slew of prop bets during a given election like who the Democratic Nominees running mate will be. Online sportsbooks will constantly keep odds available for sports bettors all throughout the election period.

Democratic Election Odds

Democratic Donkey Democrats Take The House
Democratic DonkeyDemocratic Party Wins Presidential Election

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What Are The Odds A Democrat Wins The 2020 Presidential Election

Joe BidenEven though Joe Biden is the current President Of The United States, he is not the clear favorite for all 2024 presidential election odds. However, Biden was also not favored for the majority of the 2020 election but ended up winning. Biden has been the clear favorite (600) to be the Democratic candidate since the odds were released but some other politicians have had non-outlandish odds themselves. Behind Biden, Gavin Newsome (+900) and Michelle Obama (+1200) have had the shortest odds of being the nominee for 2024.

2024 US Presidential Election Winner:

Odds For The Democrats To Take The House

The Democratic Party looks to take the House back in 2024, after barely losing control in 2022. No matter if Biden or Trump becomes president in 2024, the Democratic Party is favored to hold the majority. Other House betting odds include who will be elected as a part of the House.

US House Of Representatives Control:

Betting On The Democrats Holding The Senate

The Democratic Party looks to keep control of the Senate in 2024 but will not have an easy path to doing so. With more seats to defense than the Republican Party in the Senate this round, the Republican Party is favored to take back control. Betting on Senate Races does not just include the winning side, but odds on the percentage that each state is won by.

Betting Odds On Democratic Governor Races

The presidential election isn’t the only US election that has sports bettors placing bets. There is a bevy of odds available for the Governor elections as well. Betting odds on Democratic Governor races happen more frequently as every two years residents can vote for their next or same Governor. Same as the presidential elections sports bettors can take action on if the Democratic nominee will take the position as the Governor. There are prop bets and betting lines readily available during the course of the Governor election. Not all states Governor seat is up for election at the same time, meaning that every year there will be odds available to wager on.

Most Popular Prop Bets On The Democratic Party

As Joe Biden has been the favorite to be the Democratic Nominee since he won the 2020 election, there have not been too many odds and props surrounding the Democratic Nominee or Biden’s VP. However, there are still props for the Democratic Party and general election betting that revolve around Joe Biden:

Will Biden Complete Full First Term?