Betting On The 2024 Presidential Election

Betting on the 2024 presidential election is easy, with many sites taking bets on the winner and plenty of other props. From before the nominees are officially set to the day before voting begins, sportsbooks offer presidential betting odds. Building up to the 2024 elections, a Trump vs Biden rematch has seemed to be imminent. This time around, however, Trump has been the favorite for the last few months, along with the Republicans to be the winning party. This page breaks down how and where to bet on the future president, along with all of the other available special political props for 2024.

2024 US Presidential Election Odds

Republican ElephantRepublican Candidate
Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Democratic DonkeyDemocratic Candidate
Joe Biden
Joe Biden

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Current Odds On The 2024 US Presidential Election

Donald TrumpTrump’s Odds To Win Election

After losing as the favorite in 2020, Trump is back to being favored to become president in 2024 over Joe Biden. Since leaving office, Trump has had no shortage of media attention, with a mixture of bad and good. However, it does not seem to matter, as he has been the favorite to become the Republican Nominee and win the election altogether in 2024.

Following Super Tuesday, Trump has -110 odds to become the next POTUS.

Joe BidenJoe Biden’s Reelection Odds

Since he took over as the president, Joe Biden’s odds have fluctuated for a 2024 reelection but has stayed the consistent favorite for the Democratic nominee. With Trump jumping out as the favorite, Biden will have to make a splash in his last year in the White House to win voters over for a second year in a row.

After Super Tuesday, Biden’s odds were set around the +220 mark to become reelected.

Best Places To Bet On Presidential Elections

You cannot bet on US elections at any state sanctioned sportsbooks. The states are concerned about the appearance of, and possibility for, impropriety, and as such they are not legally allowed to offer betting on elections. One state based sportsbook tried, and had to shut it down after only two hours of availability.

That means that the best place to bet on presidential elections is at websites that are not based inside the United States, and thus are allowed to offer betting odds on US elections. Any name-brand sportsbook and reputable betting site will offer election odds to bet on politics.

History Of President Trump's Betting Odds

With 2024 being the third consecutive round of Trump running for president, some patterns can be found. In 2016, Trump was never favored to become president. For 2020, Trump was favored during most of his term but ended up not being reelected. Now that he is not in office, Trump has once again jumped out as the favorite to win and become only the second president in the history of the US to serve non-consecutive terms.

Are Betting Odds Predictive Of Who Will Win The Elections?

While presidential betting odds are created based on how an outcome is playing out/expected to play out, that does not mean are predictive of what the outcome will end up being. For example, Biden was favored in 2016 but lost to Trump, and Trump was favored in 2020 but lost to Biden. This shows that anything can happen and political betting is not always about who is favored.

2024 Presidential Election Prop Odds

Outside of betting on the winner of the 2024 presidency, online sportsbooks offer a variety of props. The closer we get to the election, the more props can be found. If looking for props before the Republican and Democratic Candidates have been made official, there are still some prop betting options. For example, sportsbooks offer special props around Biden and Trump.

Democrat Vice President Nominee Odds

Republican Vice President Nominee Odds

To Declare Bankruptcy Before Election Odds

2024 US Presidential Election Winning Party Odds

This bet future bet is available until the Republican and Democratic candidates are made official. This future bet allows residents to bet on the side that has more potential nominees. However, the odds pretty much always still favor the side that has the current favorite to become president.

Winning Party Odds

US Presidential Odds for Celebrity Candidates

Celebrity candidates often have odds for winning the presidential election. However, them winning the whole thing is exceedingly rare. Donald Trump is the closest to this happening, although Trump had been heavily involved in politics for a while, and went through the normal method of winning a primary in order to get the Republican nomination. Right now, there are several celebrity names that are getting thrown around, such as Jesse Ventura, Mark Cuban and Oprah Winfrey. These are some of the names you might be able to find when looking at the 2024 presidential betting odds on at the major online sportsbooks.