Betting Odds On House Of Representatives Races

With elections taking place every two years, betting odds on the House of Representatives see a lot of action. Whether you want to bet on individual seats or the party that will win the most, Bovada and BetOnline have you covered. These odds are offered way before any voting is set to take place, giving US residents plenty of time to get their action in. The Republican Party barely took the majority in 2022 and is not favored to win again in 2024. Use this page to learn how to bet on the House of Representatives and what sportsbooks offer the best bonuses for political betting.

Odds To Win the House

Democratic DonkeyDemocrats Keep the House
Republican Elephant Republicans Take the House

Current Odds On The Democrats Taking The House

While they lost by slim margins in 2022, the Democratic Party looks to take back control of the House in 2024 and are favored to do so. The Democrats have 213 seats and need 218 to take the majority. Their odds became more favorable over the summer, as they were given the chance to grab an extra seat in Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama. Bet on the Democratic Party’s odds to take the House at Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie, along with other props.

Odds On The Republicans Holding The House

Even though the Republican Party took control of the House of Representatives in 2022, they are not favored to keep control in 2024. However, the Republicans are favored to take the Senate back. Recent history has shown that it is common for the Senate and the House to be controlled by opposing parties. Bovada and other political betting sites offer the opportunity for players to hedge any bets by betting on the Senate and the House outcomes.

Most Popular Prop Bets On House Races

Most popular prop bets on House Races include betting on whether the Democrats and Republicans will take control of the House in a given election cycle. Occasionally you will popularly prop bets for each individual House race by state these bets are much more specific and require much more research to make a bet. The House of Representatives races are one of the go to political prop bets for gamblers of any experience.

Best Sites for Betting on House Elections

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